Minnesota Department of Health shares 5 tips for outreach success

State, local and federal health agencies the country share a common goal to improve the health and well being of all people. While some agencies still rely solely on traditional communication channels like direct mail and broadcast media to get important health information to the public, more health teams are looking at direct digital engagement strategies to…
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4 foolproof steps to nurturing and retaining email subscribers

So you’ve followed some of the ideas from our previous posts and gotten people to subscribe to your lists—now what? First and foremost: welcome them! Sending a short, automated email that welcomes new audience members lets them know what kind of information they’ll be receiving, and thanks them for signing up is a great way…
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How to use mobile communications for greater audience reach

Gone are the days when we had to be tied to our desks to stay up to date on important information. The world of mobile is here to stay and people aren’t staying put in one place while checking their email anymore. In order for your government organization to reach the widest audience, you have…
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