The Most Important Update Trending on Public Sector Websites

With any government program, project, or initiative, you can’t just rely on an “if you build it, they will come” strategy. If nobody knows about your initiatives or projects, they can’t make a difference. To be truly successful at your job to drive engagement with these programs, you have to capture people while they are…
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How USDA Farm Service Agency Saved Millions and Reached More Stakeholders

At this year’s annual Digital Communications Tour stop in Washington DC, officials from three government agencies presented to hundreds of their peers on the latest innovations in digital communications in federal government. Below is a snapshot from the panel session highlighting Kent Politsch, Chief of Public Affairs for the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA), and…
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Are You COPE-ing? Start with an email

By Lucas Pillman, Technical Implementation Consultant at GovDelivery Government communications that use the “COPE” mentality (create once, publish everywhere) not only survive but thrive with their audiences. By publishing content to multiple channels at once, public sector organizations can make sure that important information is always in front of their stakeholders no matter where they see…
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The City of Saint Paul and the Saint Paul Public Schools Launched a Summer Text Messaging Program to Keep Kids Active & Learning

We’ve highlighted many local government organizations using digital communications to increase the effectiveness of their programs on our blog. Some are capitalizing on the use of storytelling to connect their mission to their messages and better engage stakeholders. Others, like Prince George’s County Public School District are using new mobile technology such as SMS/text messaging…
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Nominate your organization for our new Outreach and Impact awards!

We know that gold stars don’t hold the same appeal today as they did when you were a kid, but there’s no shame in striving for the adult equivalent. Getting recognized for good work is always important. As a government organization you do essential, impactful work on a daily basis with less glamor and a tighter budget…
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Drive your mission impact home by driving traffic to your website

We all know the saying “you’ll never have a second chance at a first impression.”In the digital age, your website is like the face, voice, and hands of your organization, so it’s important that you invest the time into making that first impression count. As a government agency, your website plays a crucial role in…
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