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As we gear up for the approaching Memorial Day holiday, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the tragic events of last weekend. Many of us watched as severe weather and multiple tornados ripped through the Midwest destroying homes, business and lives. Communication from local government during these times is critical, both for preparedness … Read more

The year was 1996, and the Internet was still in its infancy. Keeping with its tradition of being a cutting-edge city, the City of Bloomington, Minn. launched its first website – at a time when most communities relied solely on newsletters and the local paper to get their messages out. Fast forward to April 2009 … Read more

We at GovDelivery are always looking for better ways to provide better digital communications solutions to our clients. One client we recently profiled in a “success story” is the Port of Tacoma (Washington). Prior to coming on board with GovDelivery, the Port implemented an email marketing solution (more specifically designed for commercial or for-profit purposes) … Read more