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If there’s one small change you should make to your organization’s website in 2014 that will make the biggest impact on your communications, it’s the addition of an overlay. An overlay is a method that allows you to capture contact information from your website visitors, so you can connect with them later and encourage them … Read more


We all know that getting messages to your audience is important. But if you’re spending time and effort crafting messages that get people to act, your communications are only effective if they actually reach the recipient’s inbox. Whether a message gets to the inbox or not has more to do with the screening approaches of … Read more


When it comes to spending money to acquire social media likes or followers, government organizations are simply losing an uphill battle. Tossing money into a gamed and faulty system simply isn’t worth the risk, when you could be investing in more permanent links with individuals in your community. Can social media be fun? Sure. Is social … Read more

Status quo methods of digital outreach often result in status quo audience growth results. Engaging a new and different audience requires innovative tactics, taking chances, and having some fun. At GovDelivery, we offer a wide variety of solutions that help organizations expand their reach to all kinds of audiences. From cross promoting content through the … Read more

By the GovDelivery Security Team As a government communicator, you know your organization is constantly in the spotlight, and a phishing scam causes one fire you hope you never have to put out.  But when you operate with a high profile, you’re much more likely to become a target for phishers and spoofers. Here are … Read more

By Amy Larsen, Client Success Consultant When I talk with state and local government organizations that are interested in communicating with the public, there is always a consistent idea on what kinds of information should go out to citizens. Far and away the messages we see most frequently from state and local agencies include council and … Read more

In 2014, new office holders and their communications teams will find new opportunities and challenges when they leave the campaign trail or the nomination hearings and take office. As you begin your new positions, you can expect to be flooded with action items, but what about your communications? You’ve spent months reaching out and connecting … Read more

As powerful winter storms sweep across the United States, receiving critical safety information can mean life or death for some. With over 67%* of the US covered in snow this week, government entities across the US are hunkered down, making sure the public gets the information and resources they need to make life-saving decisions about … Read more

Achieving cost savings, citizen engagement, and more effective services in their communities 2013 was a transformative year for the adoption of innovative technology in government. And some GovDelivery clients were at the forefront of these technology movements. Last week, Government Technology announced the winners of the 2013 Digital Cities awards. Coordinated by the Center for … Read more