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If there’s one small change you should make to your organization’s website in 2014 that will make the biggest impact on your communications, it’s the addition of an overlay. An overlay is a method that allows you to capture contact information from your website visitors, so you can connect with them later and encourage them … Read more


When it comes to spending money to acquire social media likes or followers, government organizations are simply losing an uphill battle. Tossing money into a gamed and faulty system simply isn’t worth the risk, when you could be investing in more permanent links with individuals in your community. Can social media be fun? Sure. Is social … Read more

As powerful winter storms sweep across the United States, receiving critical safety information can mean life or death for some. With over 67%* of the US covered in snow this week, government entities across the US are hunkered down, making sure the public gets the information and resources they need to make life-saving decisions about … Read more

Emergency communications is a critical process to get right. It literally is the difference in saving more lives when a disaster strikes. So, what exactly is the one-two punch needed to be truly effective when communicating with the public during emergencies? Maximum outreach plus multichannel distribution. This combination is an absolute necessity for today’s emergency … Read more

Co-written by Anne Doucot and Mary Yang In my last post, I talked about how reaching the maximum amount of people that you can during an emergency can be the difference in saving more lives. And if you’ve been following along in the last couple of posts and podcasts from this series so far, you’ve … Read more

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 6, 2013  marks the 30th anniversary of National Night Out.  National Night Out (NNO) is a unique group of crime and drug prevention events sponsored National Association of Town Watch (NATW).  The campaign involves citizens, civic groups, businesses, law enforcement agencies, neighborhood organizations and local officials from all 50 states, US territories, Canadian cities and military … Read more

At GovDelivery, our mission is to help transform the way government organizations communicate with the public and we’re continuously improving our platform towards that goal. This summer, we’re excited to release new enhancements that will both improve how you use GovDelivery, and make your organization even more effective than ever before. We’ve designed responsive subscription … Read more

In my last post, I discussed how a siloed communications system doesn’t work in emergency communications. The term, silo, refers to departments within an organization working separately with little to no communication with each other. For example, in the public sector, emergency notifications are typically handled separately from the communications team. Taking full advantage of … Read more