GovDelivery Communications Cloud

The GovDelivery Communications cloud is used by government organizations around the globe, ranging from the largest agencies on the planet to local organizations focused on the small communities around them. No matter the size of the organization, the core tenets of communication apply: reach more people and get those people to take action.

Through the channels of web, email, mobile & social media, the GovDelivery Communications Cloud is an enterprise class solution for digital outreach. uses the GovDelivery Communications Cloud to reach millions of people seeking health insurance, and Stearns County uses it to engage its local community in crime prevention.




Leverage the largest network of government organizations in the world to grow a large base of engaged subscribers.

The most effective way to increase the impact of your communications is to grow your audience. GovDelivery clients benefit from cross-promoting their information through a massive network of over 1,000 public organizations, that all communicate with over 70 million subscribers. With 30,000 new subscribers signing up every single day, the GovDelivery network drives massive audience growth for government organizations of all sizes. Overlays and direct sign up boxes will even further your organizations daily passive audience growth.




Create and deliver communications across all digital channels that drive engagement.

From website visit, to subscription, to the first message you send, and every communication thereafter – each digital interaction a person has with your organization has an impact. GovDelivery allows your organization to optimize every one of these digital interactions you have with your community, to create a consistently engaged audience.

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See real action from your audience by reaching them at the right time, in the right way.

Whether you are driving awareness, usage, participation, or transactions – knowledge is the cornerstone of getting individuals to take action. GovDelivery makes it effortless for your organization to distribute the digital information that people in your community can act on. With each successful conversion, GovDelivery continually powers the successful programs that your organization’s mission is founded on.


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