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In a recent survey on collaboration, 96 percent of public sector employees said they felt strengthening the relationship and connections between their organization and consultants, other government organizations, and the public would be beneficial for their organization.* If you feel similarly to your government colleagues, GovDelivery can help your programs and initiatives create and develop greater engagement to help you meet mission-critical objectives and drive value for your organization. GovDelivery Collaborative Community Management (CCM) offers your government entity the flexibility to innovate and collaborate with colleagues, citizens, businesses, government partners, consultants, and more – on a local, national or international level.

With GovDelivery CCM, you can:

  • Create a secure, virtual community, workspace or project team that includes internal and external stakeholders
  • Encourage higher levels of engagement and gather useful data for your initiatives by combining traditional Intranet-style collaboration with interactive tools
  • Establish groups to enhance participation and strengthen relationships for members with specific interests or attributes, such as geographical location

Scott Burns discusses GovDelivery CollaborationEliminate the physical and technological barriers that often stifle the flow of communications, genuine teamwork and deep engagement across your entire stakeholder base. With GovDelivery CCM it’s now possible to fully interact with your community in an effective, efficient and engaging manner. Contact us today for more information or download our The Importance of Collaboration and Civic Engagement white paper.

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*Source: GovDelivery Collaborative Community Management Survey, 2012


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