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GovDelivery's clients send over 6B digital messages per year. From email to social media and from mass notifications during emergencies to targeted statement and grant updates, GovDelivery handles all messaging needs.


Capabilities Overview:

Comprehensive messaging tools allow you to create messages that get people to act.

  • Send emails, text messages, and post social media updates all from one consolidated platform.
  • Use prebuilt and branded templates, specifically designed to drive audience engagement.
  • Trigger branded, automated messages to your subscribers using updated web content, new blog posts, social media updates.
  • Edit and approve communications prior to sending with permissions-based workflows.
  • Reach the inbox with unparalleled industry deliverability rates.

GovDelivery's Messaging Module enables your content to get to more people and increases engagement – driving people to act.



The GovDelivery Network has transformed public sectors ability to connect with more people by allowing thousands of organizations to work together to reach more people

Capabilities Overview:

Accelerate your outreach with the largest network of government communicators in the world.

  • Cross promote your most important programs and events where it matters most.
  • Access over 1,000 participating clients to drive greater outreach and broader citizen engagement.
  • GovDelivery manages Network relationships to deliver the greatest impact to your growth.

GovDelivery's Network Module uniquely transforms your ability to connect with more people and increases the possibility of getting people to act.

Find out how the GovDelivery Network is driving dramatic growth to the subscriber base.



Government organizations invest time and money into keeping their web content updated. It's time to streamline.

Capabilities Overview:

Use extremely flexible automation tools to conserve resources and improve organizational efficiency.

  • Send automatic multi-channel messages to your audience when content is updated on web properties.
  • Create messages once; publish them anywhere.
  • Use templates and work flow rules to distribute messages automatically or after administrative approval.
  • Benefit from a rich set of APIs to facilitate seamless integrations and serve a variety of functions.
  • Build your audience and deliver content with prebuilt GovDelivery modules for Drupal, Wordpress, and Facebook.

GovDelivery's Automation Module allows you to get more people to take action. As your reach grows, it will be highly-efficient to reach out regularly with new information across a range of topics and desired actions.



Get your citizens connected with GovDelivery mobile

With over 266 million people on mobile devices, mobile-enabled outreach offers new opportunities to connect with people at the right time and place to drive action.

Capabilities Overview:

With a full suite of mobile tools, you'll reach people where they have the best chance to act.

  • Responsively designed sign-up pages make subscribing from a mobile phone as easy as possible.
  • Text-to-Subscribe allows new subscribers to register for your updates via text message from anywhere.
  • Mobile-enabled email offers opportunities to deliver rich and actionable content to mobile devices.
  • Targeted direct text messaging capabilities complement email and other channels.
  • Utilize automated two-way text messaging to deliver dynamic content to people on the go.

GovDelivery's Mobile Module allows you to reach more people where they're at. And when you reach people where they're at, your chances of getting them to take action goes up drastically.



While email and text messaging are the foundation from which to build digital outreach, social media plays a powerful and complementary role.

Capabilities Overview:

Rest assured your audience will see and engage with your social content.

  • Drive more traffic to social content by consuming content from Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr and others to send it out to your most active audience.
  • Allow your audience to share messages across the most popular social media channels to expand your reach.
  • Cross-post content to social media when sending out by email and text message.
  • Leverage social accounts by offering social sign-up options and applications that augment outreach tactics that will efficiently build your audience.

GovDelivery's Social Module makes your organization more social by promoting social content and sharing in new and more effective ways.



Improve your communications by measuring the impact of what you're doing. We provide that actionable insight.

GovDelivery's powerful Insight tool gives you the ability to connect with more people and get them to act

Capabilities Overview:

Gaining valuable insight into the success of your organization's communication strategies allows continuous improvement.

  • Access a complete Account Performance Report with high-level metrics that show audience growth and engagement over time.
  • Automatically deliver valuable metrics to key internal stakeholders and management with report sharing functionalities.
  • See all messages across your organization in one system with detailed analytics (opens, clicks, etc.) to track and demonstrate communications value.
  • Utilize GovDelivery's communications and outreach experts to conduct deeper analyses that can map communications to program or mission goals for greater impact.

GovDelivery's Insight Module highlights the metrics required to improved communication performance every day. When performance increases you reach more people and get those people to take action.



Delivering effective content means reaching the right people with the right message.

Capabilities Overview:

Target specific members of your audience for optimal engagement and messaging success.

  • Offer a large number of highly-relevant subscription topics so you can tailor messaging to the public's interests.
  • Customize subscriber questions, such as zip code, school district, homeownership status, or more, to segment your audience and tailor messages to be more relevant and actionable.
  • Filter message recipients on criteria such as previous recipient activity, such as opens or clicks of previous messages.
  • Run A/B tests to optimize your content for maximum engagement.

GovDelivery's Segmentation Module allows you to laser focus your digital communications on the right people. And reaching the right people drives engaged people!

The GovDelivery Communications Cloud connects your organization to more people and gets them to act…it's really that simple. Download a brochure now.


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