Enhancing Online Transactions

Enhance your online transactions by sending highly personalized, one-to-one email and SMS notices and reminders. With customized links that encourage the public to take online actions, such as paying property taxes or utility bills, confirming appointments, or reviewing a legal ruling, GovDelivery can help your organization connect with the people you need to reach and encourage them to take actions while eliminating complex, costly paper mail statements and transactional notices.

Capabilities overview:

  • Create and distribute large-scale customized communications to thousands or millions of people
  • Use pre-built application programming interfaces (APIs) to pull contact information from internal databases to send one-to-one messages that get people to take action
  • Receive standards reports, including delivery confirmation and open and click-through information with date and time stamps


Connect with more people: GovDelivery's technology and capabilities allows your organization to leverage contact data in internal, secure systems, without having to migrate and manage data manually, allowing you to connect and communicate with the people you need to.
Get people to act: Leverage GovDelivery's expertise with communications, email infrastructure and internal complexities to get communications to work for you, letting you focus on crafting the messages that will get people to take the actions you need them to take, from applying for a grant to renewing a license online or showing up for an appointment.

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