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Is your organization achieving program or mission success by reaching more people than ever before with your digital communications?

Designed to honor the best in digital communication in the public sector, the Outreach & Impact Awards recognize organizations using digital communications to drive public engagement and action, increasing mission value.

Nominees can submit their digital marketing activities (including email, social, SMS text, voice or website sign-up best practices) for any one of the following Outreach & Impact awards:

  • Maximizer: For organizations that substantially build audience reach or an online community to achieve organization objects by utilizing digital marketing best practices.
  • Designer: For organizations that highlight creative use of design and messaging that drive stakeholder action by influencing behavior or building public trust.
  • Integrator: For organizations that integrate, streamline, or automate personalized messaging (think RSS feeds, transactional messages, drip campaigns, multichannel communications/COPE, and so on) to increase departmental efficiency, ROI and influence behavior.
  • Collaborator: For organizations that collaborate with others in the public sector to reach more people and incite action.
  • *Winners will be announced in October.

Sort through past Outreach & Impact Award winners:

Vehicle & Operator Services Agency logo

Vehicle & Operator Services Agency

Vehicle & Operator Services Agency: For their incredible success using digital communications to increase efficiency from paper-based newsletters and reaching nearly 75,000 subscribers to drive consistent citizen engagement levels of higher than 60 per cent every quarter.

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International Winner

Southampton City Council logo

Southampton City Council

Southampton City Council: For their innovative use of digital communications and e-marketing techniques to streamline communications to reach 65,000 subscribers, nearly 30% of the area population, with proactive messages, resulting in a 75% citizen satisfaction rate.

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International Winner

Central Bedfordshire logo

Central Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire Council was recognized for reaching nearly 60,000 residents with multiple service area updates and achieving an 89% public satisfaction rate.

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International Winner

Suffolk County Council logo

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council was recognized for their innovative use of integrated digital communications to drive active citizen engagement and deliver proactive notifications that keep the public safe and informed.

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International Winner

Small Business Administration (SBA) logo

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The U.S. Small Business Administration finished rolling out GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM) nationally to their field offices in Q1 2012. SBA also completed building a full set of DCM Advanced Bulletin Editor templates that support SBA’s different communication needs and branding efforts by providing a common standards and design for all of their updates.

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Federal Winner

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