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Aug 26, 2014

Expert Panel: The Landscape of Digital Comms, Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement in Federal Gov

What new technology trends, communications best practices, stakeholder engagement strategies, and more are your peers in federal government implementing? There’s never been a better time to find out. Join us for an expert panel session with government communicators from the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion ( and Corporation for National and Community Service ( as they discuss what’s working and what’s next in their communication efforts. The webinar will be a live chat format, so bring your burning questions or submit them ahead of time by tweeting @GovDelivery with #GovD14.

Aug 12, 2014

GovLoop Training: Does Government Need an Exit Strategy for Facebook?

Has your government organization's Facebook interaction been declining? Is your department seeing measurable results from your social media efforts? Join this online training to hear from an expert panel of social media and digital gurus across government as they discuss the changing trends in digital communications, and what their organizations did to bolster connections with stakeholders when social media wasn't cutting it. The online training will be a live chat format, so bring your social media questions or submit them ahead of time by tweeting @GovDelivery with #GovD14.

Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement for Federal Government

Are you looking for new strategies and tactics to better engage stakeholders at your federal agency? Could your department benefit from connecting with more people, getting them to take online or offline actions, and measuring and tracking communication efforts? Watch this webinar for strategies and in-depth case studies on how every federal department, including agencies like the Department of the Interior, Small Business Administration and many others are doing this. GovDelivery’s marketing and engagement specialists present best practices and case studies to help make your job easier and improve how your communications team contributes to stakeholder engagement at your organization.

Digital Communications for Public Safety & Crime Prevention at Stearns County Sherriff’s Office

Digital technology is changing the way public sector organizations do business. In 2012, the Sheriff of Stearns County, Minn. recognized this changing digital landscape in law enforcement. With a growing population of residents who communicate online, the Sherriff’s Office saw an opportunity to use digital communications to engage and empower them to help prevent crime, promote public safety and protect their quality of life, things the Sheriff’s office strives to do every day. Hear how the Sheriff’s Office and Information Services partnered with GovDelivery to develop and implement a strategy that leveraged its existing communications platform to reach these goals and achieve better community engagement online.

Digital Communications and the Brand Journey at Nottinghamshire County Council

With a population of more than 700,000 residents, Nottinghamshire County Council needed to support new branding efforts and increase its outreach to drive avoidable contact and channel shift initiatives. You will hear how their journey began with rebranding and focusing their marketing activity and progressed to integrating digital, including how they implemented and grew reach with a robust cloud-based platform for their 'emailme' email marketing and alerts. Watch this webinar to hear Martin Done, Service Director Communications and Marketing and Sarah Lay, Senior Digital Officer cover the Council's brand journey and talk about how digital will extend the brand online, help connect with more people, raise customer satisfaction and increase cost savings.

Engaging Email Design: Get Better Results From Your Messages

Email remains the most powerful tool in your toolbox. Using it correctly is key. In this webinar you'll find inspiring and thought-provoking email design tips to help you get better results from your messages. Learn what email design elements are working across the public sector, and where the next email trends are headed. You'll also learn how smart communicators are: using pre-headers to enhance open rates; creating mobile-friendly designs that work for the office, home or on the go; making content visually interesting and clickable.

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