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If you’re interested in hearing how your government organization can advance digital communications efforts, listen to some of the audio clips here from GovDelivery CEO Scott Burns and other public sector, social media and community engagement experts.

In addition, you can view videos of GovDelivery clients and other news clips to learn more about what GovDelivery offers government organizations.

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From Inbox to Outcome: Create Emails That Make a Different

The average person receives close to one hundred emails a day. Recipients need a strong reason to open what’s in their inbox.

Using these best practices, you can capture the attention of your busy readers, nurture their interest and guide them to take action.

Government Is Changing

Government Is Changing

GovDelivery CEO and Co-Founder Scott Burns, talks about how government is leveraging the digital transformation to achieve results on a massive scale, while better serving the people in their communities.

Data Changes Everything

Data Changes Everything

Data is one of the most critical assets that government organizations have, and it's radically changing the way these organizations interact with and improve the lives of the people they serve.

At the 8th Annual Federal Communications Summit in Washington DC, GovDelivery brought together over 400 government communicators to learn more about big and open data, its human impact, and how to leverage these concepts to achieve their goals and better their communities.

The 6 Stages of an Email That Works

The 6 Stages of an Email That Works infographic depicts the journey of three successful emails from Federal, State and European public sector organizations. You’ll see how each email maximized its impact by following through with best practices and following up with data analytics.

From leveraging compelling content to ensuring emails reach recipients’ inboxes, find out how you can shape stronger emails at every stage – and measure results to deliver high-performing emails every time you send.

State & Local Government: Digital Communication Trends 2014

We posed questions to 250 State and Local government communicators to compile the top communication priorities trending across government in 2014. Find out what 71% of state, local and transit authorities agreed was a digital priority for the year in this infographic.

Download PDF.

How The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office Engaged Citizens To Submit Tips And Deter Crime

Learn how the Stearns County Sherriff’s Office engaged citizens through email to submit tips and deter crime. This infographic is packed with visual data nuggets that show how your organization can connect with more people, increasing the effectives of your own citizen engagement programs.

With the help of GovDelivery, Stearns County identified several key strategies to reach their citizen engagement goals. Stearns County was able to increase the submission of crime prevention tips by 522% over the previous year.

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