Solutions driving awareness, usage, participation, & conversion.

No two government organizations are alike, and as the largest sender of government information on the planet, we know that the needs of the public sector are unique. That's why we provide solutions to a variety of real challenges experienced by all levels of government. Here is a sneak peek into how we help organizations like yours communicate, engage and serve your community.

Increase Online Transactions:Drive more people to register, renew, or make a purchase online.
  • Deliver automated remarketing messages to drive click-through and conversion.
  • Offer personalized content to mobilize lapsed buyers.
  • Encourage repeat purchases with up-sell or cross-sell offers.
  • Convert inactive buyers with cart abandonment reminders.
  • Send text messages for season openers and other timely events.
  • Reduce call volume to service centers by proactively providing transactional reminders, licenses, information and notices.

Promote Events: Promote & fill classes, programs, events & activities
  • Attract the largest audience for your events with a multi-channel communication approach.
  • Partner with local organizations to reach new audiences.
  • Deliver automated event invitations, reminders and follow-ups.
  • Drive event registration with personalized and contextual content.
  • Send text messages to event attendees to inform them of recent changes or to engage.
  • Integrate digital communications with EventBrite and other registration platforms.

Manage EmergencySiturations: Deliver unrivaled reach in emergency situations.
  • Deliver real-time updates around emergency events.
  • Target members based on audience; vocation, location, hazard interests and more.
  • Provide important resources to encourage community readiness around emergencies.
  • Increase participation in preparedness or exercises.
  • Empower community members to connect with others to unify preparedness efforts.
  • Reach people at work, at home or on the go through voice, email, mobile, social, fax and other emergency channels.
  • Target a specific neighborhood, set of buildings or area of land with free-form mapping and GIS shape file templates.
  • Solicit smaller groups for action, confirmation or acknowledgement with Interactive Voice Response.
  • Full-service e911 list management means more access to rural or elderly audiences with landlines.
  • Send AMBER alerts, severe weather warnings and more through the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), including the Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alert and National Weather Service Dissemination Systems.

Drive Digital Services: Increase the adoption of online services and mobile applications.
  • Grow the usage rates of your online services or mobile apps by connecting with your community across multiple channels.
  • Automate the delivery of password resets, profile updates, and payment confirmations.
  • Leverage text messages to solicit and receive public feedback.
  • Integrate digital communications with multiple ecommerce, registration, survey and mobile apps.

Manage Internal Communications: Consolidate channels and drive employee engagement.
  • Distribute HR information, policy updates, and changes in benefits from one platform.
  • See when employees receive a message and trigger reminders to inactive recipients.
  • Send proactive text messages for emergency situations, office closures and more.
  • Integrate digital communications with Active Directory and other databases to keep employee information up to date.

Participation: Drive volunteerism and expand recruiting efforts.
  • Access a community of over 70 million people worldwide.
  • Spark interest with concise, visually engaging content.
  • Automatically alert audiences of new opportunities.
  • Target your audience based on age, gender, location, and more.
  • Mobilize inactive participants with targeted reengagement messages.
  • Track your success and improve results with in-depth analytics.

Program Awareness: Connect and keep hard to reach audiences informed.
  • Reach new audiences online through cross promotion opportunities with relevant government organizations.
  • Increase public education and awareness with a multi-channel messaging approach that meets people where they are, through email, mobile, and social media.
  • Automatically re-target inactive or passive audience members to reengage them with program messaging.
  • Branded templates align your digital communications with other media channels such as television, radio, and print.

Regulation Compliance: Enforce safety standards through direct digital outreach
  • Trigger alerts when legislation changes or new legislation is introduced. 
  • Deliver recall alerts to quickly inform people about unsafe, hazardous or defective products.
  • Reach consumers, health care professionals, and the regulated industry from one platform.
  • Widgets let anyone publish and distribute your content on other digital properties.
  • Provide critical safety tips and resources.

  • Manage all of your press contacts and their activity in one platform.
  • Enable members of the media to select the type of information they want to receive and how they want to receive it.
  • Simplify and automate the distribution of press releases with standardized templates and RSS feeds.
  • Use real-time text messages to mobilize a press corps in the field. 
  • Measure the level of engagement media outlets have with the multi-channel communications you send.

Education: Drive awareness around conservation, sustainability and other efforts.
  • Communicate with businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and the general public from one platform.
  • Target audiences by location for hyper-local initiatives.
  • Protect communities from harmful pollutants with air quality alerts.
  • Share buttons urge audiences to spread your message to their networks.
  • Text messages get attention for time-sensitive conservation needs.
  • Trigger personalized updates when grant applications are received or approved.


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