Keep audiences informed of projects, programs, safety research and regulatory updates.

Implementing solutions that not only meet today’s transportation needs, but also are also sustainable, scalable and safe for long-term use is no small task. We can help you keep audiences informed of projects, programs, safety research and regulatory updates by engaging them across a number of digital channels. Transportation agencies have relied on us for more than a decade to help deliver smooth commutes and keep communities moving safely.

Promote & Transform Services

Make an impact on sales and revenue. Boost license, permit and registration purchases while securing renewals and lapsed buyer engagement.

Improve Citizen Involvement

Improving driver safety requires a shift in public behavior. Reduce the number of traffic fatalities resulting from texting, alcohol or severe weather conditions.

Enhance Public Awareness

Ridership and satisfaction with transportation services hinders on great customer experiences. Increase ridership, bike share usage and trust with public transportation offerings.



Reach more commuters, riders and travelers.

Gain access to new audience growth channels and drive 100-300% more people to your project plans, detours and safety information. Grow your database by leveraging traffic from your website, other government agencies, mobile channels and social media.

GovDelivery Network

Open a new inbound channel with the GovDelivery Network and tap into audiences who’ve engaged with the Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, local counties, cities and other agencies in your state.


With text-to-subscribe, the access to smartphone apps are no longer a barrier to connecting with hard to reach audiences. Text messaging and keywords promoted on billboards and at bus stops capture youth, rural and low income groups, regardless of whether they have a smartphone.

eCommerce Integration

No more hosting license buyers, the public and out of state travelers in different systems. With eCommerce and dispatch integrations, unite your license and permit purchases, public subscribers and other stakeholders into one platform and maximize your digital communication efforts.


Engage and strengthen the digital relationship with your audience.

Engage your existing audiences and tap into new audiences with content tailored to their world, sent through the channels they know and love. Families, women and diverse audiences respond better to content that resonates with their challenges and priorities.


Audience Segmentation

Satisfy your commuters and get them to work and school on time with real-time travel information. Send time of day, region or route specific email and text messages to give drivers road alerts before they start their commutes.

Text Messaging

Today’s rider expects timely and relevant information about their commute.Improve the level of service you provide by allowing riders to request real-time updates and send their feedback via text.

Campaign Management

Distracted and intoxicated drivers account for thousands of lives lost on the road each year. Inform and engage more drivers with safety tips and information to change behavior and improve driver safety.



Drive new and repeat purchases of licenses and permits.

The shift to online license and permit purchases reduces print costs, DMV wait times and offers a better customer experience. Leverage targeted and personalized messaging to drive online and on-time purchases.

Purchase Renewals and Reminders

Get that license renewal, even if your driver is forgetful. Trigger personalized text and email reminders for driver’s licenses, ID cards, registrations and inspections 90, 60 and 30 days prior to the renewal date.

Appointment Reminders

Missed or forgotten DMV appointments cost organizations thousands of dollars per year. Triggered personalized appointment reminders and confirmations drive attendance and better visibility into cancellations.

Feedback Channel

Customer service matters, but with miles of road and rail, it’s hard to keep tabs on the status of instrastructure. Let riders and commuters submit feedback on train, bus or road quality via text message.


What makes GovDelivery different?

icon-builtinaudienceBuilt in Audience

There’s more to effective marketing than blasting out a message to a static email list. GovDelivery gives you access to tools built exclusively for government that attract new subscribers.

icon-securereliable_61x61Secure & Reliable

When you can do it safely, you can do it all. GovDelivery solutions are built with security at the core, and maintain multiple federal and international security certifications.


Unmatched Deliverability

No more competing with the coffeehouse down the street. Send through the only public sector digital communications tool trusted by the toughest of ISPs.


Loved by program managers, communication directors and web teams in Transportation departments across the country.

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