What’s the difference between used and useful?

I do everything online: read the news, connect with friends, register my car, pay my taxes, look up directions, buy gifts, perform research, send messages, download podcasts, and post pictures.  Sometimes I'm accomplishing something that makes my offline life better (I met my wife online, for example).  Other times, I'm using a website, but it's not making my life better in any notable way (I'd say YouTube videos often fall in this category).

When I co-founded GovDelivery in 1999, my hope was that we could provide a Web service that made citizens better citizens and governments better governments in the real world.

Every month, governments send millions of messages to the public– on topics ranging from local park hours to national emergencies– using our email and digital subscription management platform.  We hope we've learned a thing or two about how e-government can be both used and useful over the past 8 years.  Our team has a lot to share and we will use this blog to discuss what we're learning as we work with our 250+ public sector clients and watch the industry evolve.  We hope you'll join the conversation by commenting or by sending me a note offering to "guest post" if you have something you'd like to share.

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