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Starting with the Basics: Making the Perfect E-learning Experience

When it boils down to it, a good e-learning experience is actually all about the user experience. User experience is shaped by two variables: target audience and agency goal. Before you start designing a training, consider who your target audience is and what your learning objectives are. The answers to these questions will provide the framework of design moving forward.

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Behind the Envelope: Auditing Your Subscription Process

Welcome to the third installment of Behind the Envelope, a new series of posts exploring ways for you to get the most from GovDelivery. To begin the series, we covered the GovDelivery Network and ways to increase your subscribers. Today we’re asking you to put yourself in the shoes of citizens subscribing to your topics….
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Open Data Encourages New Research for USDA

The United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Agricultural Library (USDA NAL) wanted a way to further its mission of encouraging new research and offering a repository for research findings. With its open data portal, USDA NAL can now do both, all while being in compliance with the federal open data initiative.

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