How to use mobile communications for greater audience reach

Gone are the days when we had to be tied to our desks to stay up to date on important information. The world of mobile is here to stay and people aren’t staying put in one place while checking their email anymore. In order for your government organization to reach the widest audience, you have…
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Partner with other government organizations and reach more people

Most people understand the power of professional networking as individuals, yet surprisingly few recognize its potential on an organizational level. As a public sector employee, you might partner with dozens of other organizations on a regular basis for a variety of important initiatives; but if you aren’t also harnessing the power of those partnerships through strategic…
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What’s next for transportation?

Transportation is evolving – and there was no better place to watch advancement in the industry take place than the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Event in Washington D.C. This year, GovDelivery met with hundreds of public sector transportation professionals across all levels of government and received nearly 100 survey responses on technology trends to…
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Build your audience first: 7 ways to grow your reach for greater impact

Delivering a great citizen experience starts with building an audience to receive it. Fortunately, numerous digital channels and strategies exist to help you grow your reach and make an impact – here are just a few.    Public sector organizations are using digital communications to transform the citizen experience in a variety of ways, whether…
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