Twitter enhancements: 3 ways to increase your True Reach

This is the second part of a two-part series on the new Twitter enhancements. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here.

The new Twitter enhancements can really broaden your reach and deepen your engagement by increasing your follower base and interacting more easily with followers.

Why is this important you ask? Excellent question!

A primary objective of government is communicating critical information to the public. Social media channels like Twitter have an amazing ability to quickly and efficiently spread your message. For example, I have 347 followers on my personal Twitter account but my True Reach is 977* – the number of people I influence within my immediate network and across my followers’ extended networks. Basically, when I publish something to Twitter, it reaches my 347 followers and has the potential to reach over 900 other people if some of them retweet my posts.

OK, so how can you expand our True Reach?

Another great question.

Here are 3 simple and easy ways to load up that @username tab and expand your True Reach:

  1. Regularly post content – It has been proven over and over, that the more you post, the more you followers you will gain. People will discover your content through retweets and topic searches. If there is no content, no one is going to find you…or, if they do, they won’t follow you because it’s clear your Twitter account has become a ghost town.
  2. Post a variety of content – I hear people tell me all the time that they don’t have anything interesting to post. I disagree. You would be surprised…one person’s junk content is another person’s treasure. Go ahead and post those committee meeting notes. Maybe someone wanted to attend but weren’t able to; the meeting notes will keep them informed and engaged. Post that story about your co-worker who every year raises 500 toys for Toys-for-Tots. People love those stories. Did the Mayor just do a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new business that opened up? Put a photo of the ceremony on Twitter. Did your agency just release a new set of reporting guidelines? Again…Twitter. You never know what is going to get people to follow you, but you can test out different content to find what works best. At the end of the day, the important thing is to increase your followers with a variety of information.
  3. Find ways to automate your posting – We are all busy. No one has spare time to waste. Invest in systems that allow you to distribute your content to multiple channels at once. It’s possible a small financial investment, in the right system, could save countless hours over the course of a year.

Keep that content flowing and you will see your @username tab fill up and your True Reach will rapidly increase because expanding the reach of your message is a key objective of the government.

Have you had great success with your Twitter feed? Share your success story and tips in the comments!


*Find out your True Reach by looking up your social media accounts on