Helping more than 40 States across the U.S.

The significant challenges faced by State governments in recent years have increased the need for States to share information with their citizens. A number of State agencies and organizations are using GovDelivery to grow revenue as well as to communicate in a cost-effective way. Our State clients also use our solutions to ask for and receive input from residents and businesses, expand citizen services and improve public safety and health.

States across the U.S. use GovDelivery’s Communications Cloud to provide information on:

  • New state regulations from the legislature
  • Tax and licensing information
  • Construction updates for state roadways
  • Weather alerts
  • Messages and proclamations from the Governor’s Office
  • Hunting and fishing laws
  • Critical health information
  • Economic development initiatives and programs
  • Helpful insurance details

To read or hear what our State clients are saying about us in their words, check out these success stories:

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