GovDelivery Communications Cloud

The only digital communications platform exclusively for government.

In a connected and customer-centric world, meeting the needs of your audience every step of the way requires technology that’s built to drive awareness, increase involvement, and transform the services you provide. But to achieve these real-world outcomes, you have to reach today’s citizen customer at a scale and time that matters – powered by a comprehensive, secure communications toolset.

The result for over 1,000 government organizations using the GovDelivery Communications Cloud around the world, is safer lives, happier commuters, healthier families, and better government. Reach more of your audience, engage them through today’s top channels, and convert them to action.


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The GovDelivery Communications Cloud

The only digital communications platform helping government to inform, engage, and convert more than 100 million people to take action. Unlike private sector marketing technology, the GovDelivery Communications Cloud is the only platform secure enough to be used exclusively by government and proven to double audiences within the first year.

From website visits to program enrollments; transform every stage of the citizen experience with immediate and relevant information. Anywhere, anytime.

Reach with the GovDelivery Network

Reach matters and with the Communications Cloud, organizations are connecting with more than 100 million citizens who are already digitally engaged with government through the GovDelivery Network. Promote your organization’s content beyond the walls of your website and grow your audience at an unprecedented pace.

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Engage Through Today’s Top Channels

In a fast-paced digital world, the GovDelivery Communications Cloud has all the tools you need to effectively inform and engage your existing audience, your Network audience, and your future audiences. With comprehensive features and easy, cloud-based access to email, text messaging and social media posting, your organization can send, elevate, streamline, and track all of your communication efforts.

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Convert Communications to Action

You don’t need an entire marketing team or a PR agency to be a sophisticated communicator. GovDelivery’s Communications Cloud offers streamlined marketing tools like segmentation, personalization, A/B testing and lifecycle campaign management. It’s world-class marketing, regardless of the size of your agency, the size of your audience, or the resources at your disposal.

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Embracing the highest level of government security standards.



When it comes to security, the stakes are high for government. With multiple federal and international security certifications, we’ve got you covered.


The exchange of data is necessary for effective outreach. The information you gather is never shared with third parties for promotional purposes, and is yours alone.


Communications need to be both impactful and accessible. GovDelivery conforms to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and all W3C WCAG Guidelines.

“Our ROI is more lives saved and less property and fewer homes destroyed or damaged.”

-Eugene Luke, Emergency Management Specialist, FEMA


icon-securereliableEnhance Public

Healthier families, safer travelers. Public awareness is about more than just distributing news. It’s about getting the right information, to the right audience at the right time.

private_iconImprove Citizen

People volunteer, participate and donate. It’s not just about more involvement. It is about involving people in a way that improves the work you do for citizens.

compliance_iconPromote & Transform

More purchases, enrollments, and attendees. Communications form an essential part of a winning strategy to support and drive services.




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