Create, Relate, and Communicate: How to Improve your Agency’s Reputation in Three Simple Steps

By Tara Lerman, Content Fellow at GovDelivery With all of the controversy surrounding American politics today, it has become increasingly common for citizens to criticize their governments. However, what many of these citizens haven’t considered is that while some government programs are not succeeding in their efforts, many agencies are helping people in ways they…
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Too Long, Too Boring and Other Reasons Your Trainings Suck

By Christine Burke, originally posted on the GovLoop blog If you’re a government trainer, you’ve probably heard a million and one excuses why people aren’t starting or completing your training courses. And while you can’t force everyone to do what you want (unless it’s required training), there could be several aspects of your course that…
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Why GovDelivery Gives Back

GovDelivery partners with more than 1,000 public organizations around the world, whose missions range from getting struggling families back on their feet, to helping grow small businesses, to making sure more people have access to affordable healthcare. Inside the company, we know that with the talent, financial support, and collaboration of our employees, we too…
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